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It is the smoggy morning of 12th Aug , 2040.After so many days, I have decided to come out of my house in the yellow coloured street , wearing my mask. Two persons were fighting with each other, as one of them accidentally dropped water from the bottle which was left open by mistake.  Few steps more , and I saw people depressingly drifting away from Water ATM, because it went down before their turn could come.

Sometimes, I thought that I should have been born in the world, my grandmother was born in. She talked about blue skies, green trees on mountains , colourful flowers, and most importantly, water, in abundance. She talked about how they would play and dance in the rainy season and how everything looked so full of life. After coming from the school, they used to go out with other kids to play in the evening. Outdoor sport activities got highly limited after the year 2010 but still, people went out for parties, dinners and outings. But here I am , never allowed to go out without wearing my mask, forget about playing. Whenever  I gaze upwards, I can see nothing but smoke and a sense of irritating smell.


Grandma narrates with teary eyes , when there was plenty of water, enough to feed all the species on Planet Earth. Water scarcity was developing underway. Who would have thought that this abundant supply of nature would deficit itself one day to such an extent that it will be a memory . There were summer, monsoon and winter seasons , it was so different from the world of today. People would wake up to sunrise, do their morning rituals and then head towards their job. On the way to office, they enjoyed the trees, flowers and skies. At least things were visible at a distance, unlike now, where I cannot  see far more than 100 meters. We have to use special optical devices to look beyond a range.

People are ready to kill each other for minimal quantities of water. Why it happens that we realize the value of something when it’s gone forever. I get really scared by the use of this word “Forever”.  Has water really disappeared from our planet, as my parents say ? Scientists around the world are busy working on some other kind of liquid to replace water. But I fear someday, that undiscovered liquid would meet the same fate as that of water today.

I don’t know what awaits the fate of our Earth now. I have never felt so much affection,  as I am feeling now for this planet.I want to save this planet ,but it’s too late to realize. If I have been born 40 years earlier,I must have done something to save her. Earth used to be a blue planet, because of the water content it had in the form of oceans. But now it’s just a suffocating mass of fuming poisonous gases, whose content has reached an alarming level. We are advised to keep ourselves inside our homes, unless it is urgent.

People have started awareness campaigns, yet again, for the same cause. Industries have been advised to limit the amount of emissions. But who’ll listen to them ? Still, nobody cares. By the time we’ll realize, everything will vanish into thin air,just like water.

History keeps repeating itself,but we,the humans never learn their lessons.