“One Day” is too long

”Hey Priya, I won’t be able to make it to the party today.” said Ajay in a tensed tone. Priya sadly replied, ”But you promised Ajay, this time you will be there.”

”I know dear. But an urgent meeting came up just now. l am so sorry. I am sure you can handle it. Wait till I get promoted, we’ll then have a grand celebration.”

Priya had to wait for such bigger things to spend some good time with Ajay. She wanted to share small and simple happy moments with him, but Ajay never had time for the little things. He worked hard and thought, one day he will celebrate his success with everyone. He will travel every part of the world, eat at expensive restaurants , enjoy thrilling adventures and live happily.

The story sounds familiar to many of us. Every working individual has a set of priorities with ”office”, marked on the top. Those who are not yet earning dream of a decent job. They sacrifice their happiness, food, time in finding a good job. And when they get a job, what happens? They sacrifice them again, this time for a decent pay check.

While looking at his neighbours’ Audi, Satish thought of buying it too. He started having dreams of the luxurious car and how much he enjoyed the societal status attached to it. In the essence of turning his dream to reality, he sacrificed many family events, movies, birthdays and anniversaries. He usually lost track of time while at office and arrived home late night. Finally, the day arrived when a new bright shining Audi graced Satish’s home. By the time Satish bought the car, he realised that his neighbour had raised his game by buying a new Lamborghini. The long awaited moment which was supposed to be celebrated turned into despair for him. He worked so hard, had sleepless nights and sacrificed so much; still he is not at par with his neighbour. He now sets another goal and a new timeframe to get it completed, again. The cycle continues. We never run out of goals, because there is always one in line when the other gets completed. As a result, we are never satisfied and that ”one day” never arrives.

Set bigger goals but enjoy your small successes too. Don’t ignore small moments of happiness. Break the chain. Leave office on time and spend time with your loved ones. For “one day” comes once in a while, but ”little moments” come every day , so you do not have to wait so long to get happy. Become a happier version of yourself with each passing day.