“One Day” is too long

”Hey Priya, I won’t be able to make it to the party today.” said Ajay in a tensed tone. Priya sadly replied, ”But you promised Ajay, this time you will be there.”

”I know dear. But an urgent meeting came up just now. l am so sorry. I am sure you can handle it. Wait till I get promoted, we’ll then have a grand celebration.”

Priya had to wait for such bigger things to spend some good time with Ajay. She wanted to share small and simple happy moments with him, but Ajay never had time for the little things. He worked hard and thought, one day he will celebrate his success with everyone. He will travel every part of the world, eat at expensive restaurants , enjoy thrilling adventures and live happily.

The story sounds familiar to many of us. Every working individual has a set of priorities with ”office”, marked on the top. Those who are not yet earning dream of a decent job. They sacrifice their happiness, food, time in finding a good job. And when they get a job, what happens? They sacrifice them again, this time for a decent pay check.

While looking at his neighbours’ Audi, Satish thought of buying it too. He started having dreams of the luxurious car and how much he enjoyed the societal status attached to it. In the essence of turning his dream to reality, he sacrificed many family events, movies, birthdays and anniversaries. He usually lost track of time while at office and arrived home late night. Finally, the day arrived when a new bright shining Audi graced Satish’s home. By the time Satish bought the car, he realised that his neighbour had raised his game by buying a new Lamborghini. The long awaited moment which was supposed to be celebrated turned into despair for him. He worked so hard, had sleepless nights and sacrificed so much; still he is not at par with his neighbour. He now sets another goal and a new timeframe to get it completed, again. The cycle continues. We never run out of goals, because there is always one in line when the other gets completed. As a result, we are never satisfied and that ”one day” never arrives.

Set bigger goals but enjoy your small successes too. Don’t ignore small moments of happiness. Break the chain. Leave office on time and spend time with your loved ones. For “one day” comes once in a while, but ”little moments” come every day , so you do not have to wait so long to get happy. Become a happier version of yourself with each passing day.


5 Best Flower Indoor Plants

How beautiful is a sunny day, with bright blooming flowers in your garden. Flowers always add an extra layer of happiness in our lives. When you embellish your home with beautiful plants, you’re not just adding greenery, it interacts with your body, mind and home in ways that enhance the quality of life.Here is the list of some of the best indoor plants to mesmerize you :

  1. Streptocarpus streptocarpusThese five-petalled flowers are almost orchid-like in appearance, and hover or arch over the plant. They are easy to cultivate in a well lit area and relatively inexpensive.The flowers come in a variety of colours and the plant is easy to propagate.

2.  Lipstick Plant


Unfortunately , this plant doesn’t give you make-up lipstick to cut down your grooming costs.It gets its name because the flower buds peek out of dark-colored tubes, looking like a miniature tube of women’s lipstick. Lipstick plant needs a medium to bright light spot to grow.Take care not to over-water it.

3.  Oxalis Triangularis


This purple-colored triangular leaves plant is surely going to leave your guests in awe.The flowers and leaves fold themselves at night , and unfold themselves in the morning like a cluster of bright butterflies. They require bright or direct sunlight supplemented with a cool indoor temperature of around 15 degrees Celsius.

4. Christmas Cactus


They bloom a long time indoors and are low-maintenance houseplants, which makes them popular. To get your Christmas cactus to bloom in time for the holidays, you’ll need to induce a period of darkness. They need six weeks or more of darkness for 12 hours each day.Once you see buds developing, you can move the cactus into a brighter room.

5. Rieger Begonia

rieger begonia

Rieger begonias  are called winter-flowering begonias, because they require cool temperatures and short days to bloom. After it starts blooming, a Rieger begonia will often continue to flower for up to six months, if the conditions are right.

Remember to take care of your plants like your own child.Provide them with adequate water and sunlight.Neither too much , nor too less.

Good luck with the new family members !!

Health and fitness for busy people

Hey Anita,you look so dull today?Are you OK? Mira asked.

Nothing Mira, there is so much of work at home.I get to sleep by 12 every night.And then next morning,this office. I feel tired whole day.


Many of us have encountered the familiar situation every other day. Our schedule is so hectic that we find even the allotted time for the task, lesser. Then, how are we supposed to take time for ourselves. Everybody knows that we should stay fit and healthy. However, knowledge is not always enough.

Nisha attended a short program on “Healthier and happy life “ at her office. Motivated by the numerous benefits , she decided to go a step ahead by joining gym at her office. Every day , when the office got over , she went to gym for 1 hour and then returned home . One week later , her parents visited to see her. She started cutting off the gym time duration so that she can spend more time with her parents, take them out for dinner and many other things. Eventually , the gym time duration subsided to NIL , as other important things sneaked in. She tried to restart her exercise schedule many times, but failed. Why did Nisha gave up? Was it her really busy schedule or the lack of motivation or anything else?

I sometimes feel that we do not have our priorities set properly. Health should be our foremost priority, before anything else. But we do other things first , keeping our health at last. How many of us have missed/rescheduled our doctor appointments because an important meeting came up. We’ll happily take out time for parties, dinners,movies,household activities but when it comes to exercising say for 1 hour “Arghh, 1 hour,that’s too much”.

Well ! it’s not that difficult. Just follow these simple steps to make your exercise regime a bit easier :

  1. Stick to your schedule

Do not miss your exercise schedule. If you have other important commitments coming along the way , cut the time short but do it daily. A 30 mins daily workout is better than 1 hour for just two days in a week.

2. Try to eat home cooked food as much as you can.
Try to organize parties and get together at home. In this way, you will cut upon unnecessary calories automatically(and budget too ).

3. Start in small packets of time
Start with small time intervals, say 15 minutes. Gradually increase the time when you feel accustomed to this time duration of 15 minutes.

4. Stop giving excuses
I slept late the previous night. I have to go shopping today. My relatives are coming at home today. My whole body is paining.

Stop giving excuses to yourself for they are doing no good to you. Try to reorganise your schedule to take out a minimal of 15 minutes.

5. Do not give up
This is the most important of all.How many times have we tried something in excitement only to give it up later.No matter what happens,do not drop it.

Do not get disappointed if you do not get quick results.Remember that if you need fast results , you have to increase your time of exercise. But if you do not do that,it is still Ok. Just continue with the 15 mins regime.It’ll take time, but you’ll succeed.

Preserve your health before it becomes a memory.


Water : Error 404 not found


It is the smoggy morning of 12th Aug , 2040.After so many days, I have decided to come out of my house in the yellow coloured street , wearing my mask. Two persons were fighting with each other, as one of them accidentally dropped water from the bottle which was left open by mistake.  Few steps more , and I saw people depressingly drifting away from Water ATM, because it went down before their turn could come.

Sometimes, I thought that I should have been born in the world, my grandmother was born in. She talked about blue skies, green trees on mountains , colourful flowers, and most importantly, water, in abundance. She talked about how they would play and dance in the rainy season and how everything looked so full of life. After coming from the school, they used to go out with other kids to play in the evening. Outdoor sport activities got highly limited after the year 2010 but still, people went out for parties, dinners and outings. But here I am , never allowed to go out without wearing my mask, forget about playing. Whenever  I gaze upwards, I can see nothing but smoke and a sense of irritating smell.


Grandma narrates with teary eyes , when there was plenty of water, enough to feed all the species on Planet Earth. Water scarcity was developing underway. Who would have thought that this abundant supply of nature would deficit itself one day to such an extent that it will be a memory . There were summer, monsoon and winter seasons , it was so different from the world of today. People would wake up to sunrise, do their morning rituals and then head towards their job. On the way to office, they enjoyed the trees, flowers and skies. At least things were visible at a distance, unlike now, where I cannot  see far more than 100 meters. We have to use special optical devices to look beyond a range.

People are ready to kill each other for minimal quantities of water. Why it happens that we realize the value of something when it’s gone forever. I get really scared by the use of this word “Forever”.  Has water really disappeared from our planet, as my parents say ? Scientists around the world are busy working on some other kind of liquid to replace water. But I fear someday, that undiscovered liquid would meet the same fate as that of water today.

I don’t know what awaits the fate of our Earth now. I have never felt so much affection,  as I am feeling now for this planet.I want to save this planet ,but it’s too late to realize. If I have been born 40 years earlier,I must have done something to save her. Earth used to be a blue planet, because of the water content it had in the form of oceans. But now it’s just a suffocating mass of fuming poisonous gases, whose content has reached an alarming level. We are advised to keep ourselves inside our homes, unless it is urgent.

People have started awareness campaigns, yet again, for the same cause. Industries have been advised to limit the amount of emissions. But who’ll listen to them ? Still, nobody cares. By the time we’ll realize, everything will vanish into thin air,just like water.

History keeps repeating itself,but we,the humans never learn their lessons.